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One of the most effective methods for creating positive public relations is effective use of the media. Ensuring positive public relations builds a company's brand, its goodwill within the community, and is a factor in why customers develop loyalty to a company's products and services.

In recent years — and in a growing number of urban markets — Spanish-language media has surfaced as the major source of information for a substantial number of consumers and shapers of public opinion. Today, in several of the nation's largest metropolitan areas, Spanish language network news is the top-rated program, beating out the traditional general market giants, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Spanish language newspapers are flourishing at an unbelievable rate. Recent media-use studies show bilingual, Latinos readily consume and feel Spanish-language media is more credible than its English counterparts. They believe reports delivered in Spanish are more accurate and fair. This growth of Spanish language media is creating a need to develop a cadre of experts who can serve as media spokespersons.

This training focuses on the basics you need to know about dealing with the media. This is an introductory course for those who are called upon to conduct occasional interviews with mainstream, in-language, and trade media — and who are assisted by a professional media and/or public relations team.

To be an effective spokesperson, you must:

1. Understand and speak the media's language;
2. Know your rights as an interviewee;
3. Recognize questions you don't have to answer;
4. Prepare a credible, convincing message.

If you're responsible for delivering messages for your company, your department or your community, you need media training. Whether it's an interview with local news media, fielding questions from customers, or a speech at a local service organization, you must convey your message in a professional, memorable manner.

Gaining the Cultural Advantage

Drawing on ECG's breadth of experience in communications, we will guide you through an understanding of what kind of messages stakeholders, customers, and journalists view as credible and useful to their audiences. You will learn how to reinforce key messages with copy points and how to deliver these key messages, early and often, in media interviews and business presentations.

ECG's media training will help you develop core themes and fine-tune your key messages for TV, radio, and print media. By the end of the session, you will have learned the basics of how to create "copy points" that will help you establish credibility and instill confidence in your skills as a spokesperson.

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